5 June, 2020
tools for instagram giveaway

Instagram Giveaway to get downloads for your app

If you have an app, you should give free stuff. We want to tell you about a strategy that gives guaranteed results: carry out an Instagram giveaway! Why you should do Instagram giveaways? Giving away subscriptions to your app or […]
28 May, 2020
Estrategia App Marketing

App Marketing: 6 easy steps to define the perfect marketing plan

Fascinating! Today there are almost 5 million apps available on the App Store and Google Play store worldwide. In just over 10 years, the number of apps available has multiplied by almost 5000. As a result of app market’s growth […]
14 May, 2020
Facebook Ads how to make facebook ads campaigns

Facebook Ads: how to make them the easy way

Facebook Ads: how to make them the easy way Do Facebook Ads to get more downloads for your app Facebook Ads, Facebook\’s advertising platform, is one of the most widely used advertising channels. What are the reasons that make it […]
4 May, 2020
app strategy to get more downloads

App positioning: get your app in the Top 3 with the best strategy

Your app needs promotion and you are running out of ideas on how to promote it? Here we present you a proven strategy that will help you get your app in the Top 3 by targeting your potential users directly. […]
23 April, 2020
Apps cambio de tendencia

How coronavirus is affecting the apps sector

Apps Sector has changed as people\’s habits have changed, and some of these changes will be permanent. Let\’s take a look at the data presented by App Annie about how the app industry has evolved in the recent weeks and […]
14 April, 2020
Facebook ads

Reasons to do Facebook Ads during this crisis

How good is the idea of doing Facebook Ads during this coronavirus pandemic? Let’s be honest: these are not the easiest times to live. Everything has changed: schools are closed, people work from home, conferences and congresses are postponed, flights […]
30 March, 2020
remote work

Remote work: 10 tips to work from home in times of Covid-19

In the midst of these challenging circumstances, not a few have had to change their daily routine and habits and start doing remote work. Are you one of those people? Here are 10 tips to help you succeed when working […]
18 March, 2020

7 ASO tips that really work

Do you find your market oversaturated and you kind of need a super hero to help you position your app? Well, might not be a super hero, but ASO or app store optimization is the process of optimizing the ranking […]
13 January, 2020
digital marketing trends

Digital Marketing: 2020 trends you absolutely need to know about

2020 is right here and we are so ready for it! So let’s start this year the right way taking a look at where digital marketing is heading to. These are some of the digital trends in 2020, with no […]
13 January, 2020
email marketing

Email Marketing: its benefits and how it drives sales

Do you want to get the best results out of your resources? And what about reaching your target with quality content they are eager to read? Email marketing is the perfect opportunity to offer your client quality and customized content […]
4 December, 2019
customer retention

Customer retention. What to do when customers go: “We need to talk”?

Okay, you got a new customer. Such good news. You’ve done your homework, you attracted them, made them consider you et voilà! You got a new fresh outta funnel customer. So this was what marketing made a fuss about? This […]
4 December, 2019
lead conversion

Lead conversion: best strategy to convert any lead into sale

no-repeat;left top;;auto no-repeat;left top;;auto Have you ever needed to travel from one place to another so you decided to hire a renting service without even checking the company, your car protection insurance or the benefits this service offers you? Is […]
25 November, 2019
bofu content

BoFu content: the secret of selling without selling

Once the clients have understood their problem and its solution, they can start looking for a specific product. If you have done your job well by offering the information they need, you just have to wait for them to choose […]
31 October, 2019
mofu content

MoFu content: Master the most effective marketing

Gone are the times when consumers were being indiscriminately bombed with random advertisements about products that were far from their interest. Digital era marketing can be at the right time in the right moment to influence consumers\’ decisions. Welcome to […]
22 October, 2019

Brand Awareness Ads and why you shouldn’t ignore them

16 October, 2019

From nobody to somebody: brand familiarity

8 October, 2019

No candy needed: run Local Campaigns!

5 August, 2019

Shopping Ads

20 June, 2019

Discovery Ads

13 June, 2019

How can you build brand awareness?

13 June, 2019

How to build the foundation of customer acquisition

3 June, 2019

3 Google Ads innovations that will mark a before and after

23 May, 2019

What is branding and why is it so important for your business?

23 May, 2019

10 reasons why you might need a digital strategy