14 July, 2021
trucos de redes sociales

7 trucos infalibles de Redes Sociales para crecer tu negocio

¿Quieres crecer tu negocio en las RRSS? Aquí tenemos para ti 7 trucos de redes sociales infalibles para conseguir crecer tu audiencia y formar una […]
1 October, 2020
google featured snippets

How to get featured in Google’s Snippets

Google makes it super easy for you. If you have a question and don\’t have much time to dive into the ocean of blogs and […]
23 September, 2020
qr code marketing

QR Code Marketing: how to use QR codes to reach your target

The famous QR codes act as a bridge between the “real” world and the virtual world, using the smartphone as a vehicle. With the proliferation […]
10 September, 2020
voice search

How Voice Search is changing SEO

How Voice Search is changing SEO Voice Search is changing SEO. Long-tail keywords play a leading role, there\’s a focus on optimizing for snippets and […]
13 August, 2020

Retargeting: be at the top of mind of your user

Retargeting (or remarketing according to Google) is a digital marketing technique that consists of re-impacting users who have already interacted with your brand. If your […]
11 August, 2020
make GIFs on Giphy

How to make GIFs on Giphy to promote your app

A GIF animation can be extremely attractive for your website or social networks. In this blog you’re going to learn how to make a GIF […]
16 July, 2020
Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads: how to get results

Facebook’s ultimate platform for visual content, Instagram, gives you the opportunity to offer a perfect experience to your user through Instagram Ads. What ad formats […]
9 July, 2020
white space for instagram

How to add white space for Instagram

White space is a key design element and its use can make the difference between bad design and good design. Empty white space is just […]
2 July, 2020
monetization strategies for apps

Best monetization strategies for apps

80% of all freemium apps don’t generate enough engagement to justify their business model. By mixing several different monetization strategies for apps, you can gain […]
15 June, 2020
best monetization strategies for apps

Push Notifications: How to Increase Mobile App Retention

If you’ve managed to do ASO well, defined and started with your app marketing plan, and got your target to download your app, then it\’s […]
5 June, 2020
tools for instagram giveaway

Instagram Giveaway to get downloads for your app

If you have an app, you should give free stuff. We want to tell you about a strategy that gives guaranteed results: carry out an […]
28 May, 2020
Estrategia App Marketing

App Marketing: 6 easy steps to define the perfect marketing plan

Fascinating! Today there are almost 5 million apps available on the App Store and Google Play store worldwide. In just over 10 years, the number […]
14 May, 2020
Facebook Ads how to make facebook ads campaigns

Facebook Ads: how to make them the easy way

Facebook Ads, Facebook\’s advertising platform, is one of the most widely used advertising channels. What are the reasons that make it so popular? Advertising on […]
4 May, 2020
app strategy to get more downloads

App positioning: get your app in the Top 3 with the best strategy

Your app needs promotion and you are running out of ideas on how to promote it? Here we present you a proven strategy that will […]
23 April, 2020
Apps cambio de tendencia

How coronavirus is affecting the apps sector

Apps Sector has changed as people\’s habits have changed, and some of these changes will be permanent. Let\’s take a look at the data presented […]
14 April, 2020
Facebook ads

Reasons to do Facebook Ads during this crisis

How good is the idea of doing Facebook Ads during this coronavirus pandemic? Let’s be honest: these are not the easiest times to live. Everything […]
30 March, 2020
remote work

Remote work: 10 tips to work from home in times of Covid-19

In the midst of these challenging circumstances, not a few have had to change their daily routine and habits and start doing remote work. Are […]
18 March, 2020

7 ASO tips that really work

Do you find your market oversaturated and you kind of need a super hero to help you position your app? Well, might not be a […]
13 January, 2020
digital marketing trends

Digital Marketing: 2020 trends you absolutely need to know about

2020 is right here and we are so ready for it! So let’s start this year the right way taking a look at where digital […]
13 January, 2020
email marketing

Email Marketing: its benefits and how it drives sales

Do you want to get the best results out of your resources? And what about reaching your target with quality content they are eager to […]
4 December, 2019
customer retention

Customer retention. What to do when customers go: “We need to talk”?

Okay, you got a new customer. Such good news. You’ve done your homework, you attracted them, made them consider you et voilà! You got a […]
4 December, 2019
lead conversion

Lead conversion: best strategy to convert any lead into sale

no-repeat;left top;;auto no-repeat;left top;;auto Have you ever needed to travel from one place to another so you decided to hire a renting service without even […]
25 November, 2019
bofu content

BoFu content: the secret of selling without selling

Once the clients have understood their problem and its solution, they can start looking for a specific product. If you have done your job well […]
31 October, 2019
mofu content

MoFu content: Master the most effective marketing

Gone are the times when consumers were being indiscriminately bombed with random advertisements about products that were far from their interest. Digital era marketing can […]
22 October, 2019
brand awareness ads

Brand Awareness Ads and why you shouldn’t ignore them

Brand awareness is the first step of the customer journey and is the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image […]
16 October, 2019
brand familiarity

Brand familiarity: From nobody to somebody

“Do I know you?” There are no sweeter words than these for a brand or business that is entering the market. If your brand evokes […]
8 October, 2019
Campañas Locales

No candy needed: run Local Campaigns!

There\’s no doubt technological reality has changed. Smartphones are gaining ground on laptops, audiovisual content takes precedence over text while cameras and voice commands are […]
5 August, 2019
Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads: Google’s strong bet

According to a study presented by IAB Spain, 7 out of 10 Spanish Internet users acquire their products online. Almost 20 million buyers. Who could […]
20 June, 2019
Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads: reach them when they are open to new things

You open your browser, and search the words: \”hotel New York double room\”. Then you press the enter button, hopeful. The results are loaded: \”Buy […]
13 June, 2019
brand awareness

Brand awareness: why you should do it and how

We’ve been listening for a long time about the need to increase brand awareness in order to increase sales. But what is brand awareness and […]
13 June, 2019

Customer acquisition: How to build the foundation

Imagine you have a dream, and that dream is to have your own business. And maybe you just started and there are things your business […]
3 June, 2019
Google innovations

3 Google innovations that will mark a before and after

no-repeat;left top;;auto no-repeat;left top;;auto During the Google Marketing Live 2019 conference, which took place on May 14, we received such good news about the latest […]
23 May, 2019

What is branding and why is it so important for your business?

Branding is the process of building a brand, by strategic management of the assets linked to the name and / or symbol that identify the […]
23 May, 2019
digital strategy

10 reasons why you might need a digital strategy

Regardless you already having an online presence or planning to enter into the digital world, this article is for you. If you’re wondering why a […]